Christine Norwood

Program Director, First Liberty Fellowship Program

Christine Norwood is the Program Director of the First Liberty Fellowship Program. The First Liberty Fellowship Program is an exclusive leadership and educational program in Washington, D.C., dedicated to teaching emerging leaders about the important role of religious liberty in America and how to be an advocate for it.


Before joining First Liberty Institute, Christine interned for the Daily Signal at the Heritage Foundation, First Liberty Institute, and the Dallas County Republican Party. She is an alumna of Alliance Defending Freedom’s Areté Academy, the Heritage Foundation’s Young Leaders Program, and the inaugural First Liberty Fellowship Program.


Christine graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, where she earned her B.A. in Public Policy and Political Science with minors in History, Law and Legal Reasoning, and Human Rights in just three years.

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Trey Dimsdale

Director of Strategic Partnerships, First Liberty Institute 

Trey Dimsdale leads First Liberty’s legacy planning and foundation outreach initiatives. Prior to joining the team at FLI he was the director of program outreach at the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty where he directed many of the internationally-ranked think tank’s most notable initiatives. Trey has spoken in a variety of settings including the European Parliament, major international conferences, and academic colloquia on issues as diverse as human rights, the social good of religion, and the role of the church in combating poverty. His writing has appeared in the Washington Times, Religion and Liberty Transatlantic, and Public Discourse. 

Trey completed his undergraduate education in history and political science at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and in 2006 he completed a law degree there, as well. He also holds a master’s degree in theological ethics and is currently pursuing a PhD from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He was a 2019 National Review Institute Regional Fellow and is a member of the Philadelphia Society, the Federalist Society, and the State Bar of Texas. He also serves as a research fellow at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and an Associate Fellow at the Centre for Enterprise, Markets, and Ethics in Oxford, United Kingdom.

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