Congressman Bill Redmond 

Former U.S. Congressman for the 4rd District of New Mexico 

Bill Redmond was born in Chicago, January 28, 1954, the 6th of 7 children. Bill attended Murray State University from Aug. 1973 till Dec. 1975 where he majored in Political Science and Accounting. While at Murray State University Bill began attending a Bible study and read the Bible for the first time in his life.  He made a personal commitment to Christ and was baptized.  He left the university and enrolled at Lincoln Christian College and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Christian Ministries in 1979.  Bill later returned to Lincoln Christian Seminary for his Masters of Divinity in Theology and Philosophy with a focus on Philosophy of Science.  Graduating in May 1988 he moved to Los Alamos, NM.


Bill believes that Jesus is the Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer and Consummator of the cosmos.  Jesus alone is Lord of all creation and it is the mission of the church to bring all things under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  Holding the biblical teaching that Christians are to, “take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ,” Bill is passionate about presenting Christ against all idolatries in contemporary culture. Bill holds there is no domain in which Jesus is not sovereign.


He has been Married 47 years to author Shirley-Raye Redmond they have a daughter, Bethany, a son, Jordan and 6 grand kids.


Ordained in 1979 at the Franklin Christian Church, Franklin Illinois;

Founding pastor of the Santa Fe Christian Church, Santa Fe, NM;

Co-founder and Honorary President of America China Civic Exchange (ACCE);

Alumni of Chuck Colson’s Centurion Program;

Co-chair with Archbishop Michal Sheehan of the 2010 New Mexico Biblical World View Conference.

U.S. Senate Candidate in 2000

Elected in 1997 as U.S. Congressman to the 105th Congress, NM Congressional District 3.

Congressman Redmond served New Mexicans on Veterans, Armed Services and Banking committees.


During the 2010 midterm elections Congressman Redmond conducted voter registrar, election judge, election clerk and poll challenger training in New Mexico churches to elect prolife candidates in 7 New Mexico House districts.  All 7 candidates won.  Bill has designed a race analysis methodology to identify possible pick up seats in state legislatures across the US for pro-life candidates.


In the 2009 and 2010 NM Legislature Bill worked with Traditional Values Action Committee NM to defeat: FOCA, Domestic Partners, Assisted Suicide, Same Day Voter Registration and Embryonic Stem Cell Research.  All five bills were defeated.


From 2011 till 2015 Congressman Redmond worked at Citizen-link, the political arm of Focus on the Family. While at Citizen-link the team he served on won over 80 State House seats in several states as well as 6 US Senate seats in 2014. Creator of, “How to Run for Office as a Christian Conservative,” Redmond continues to teach candidates the Biblical World View of Government and competent campaign practices.  Current service includes teaching How to Run for Office at Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, CO as well as online teaching Biblical Worldview of Government to Chinese Pastors in North America and Mainland China.

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